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Requirements for the Concurrent Option in MA (Theology) and MDiv

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The concurrent option in MA (Theology) and Master of Divinity allows students to explore in greater depth a theological topic of interest, and/or the relationship between theological topics and ecclesial ministry. MDiv students may combine this program with either the DSPT MA Theology program or the Graduate Theological Union (GTU) Common MA program. 

Typically, students begin with the MDiv coursework and later apply to the MA program during the fourth semester of MDiv studies. Once accepted into the second program, students work carefully with their advisors to plan a course of studies which ensures fulfillment of the requirements central to each program, including all core, distribution, and concentration requirements.

Both degrees are conferred in their integrity after a four-year course of studies, comprising a total of 96-semester units: 72 units for the MDiv and 24 units for the MA degree. Students must fulfill the breadth requirements of the respective MA program according to the guidelines of that program. Normally, this is accomplished by using the course requirements from the MDiv program to fulfill the breadth requirements of the respective MA program, then choosing theology electives to fulfill the remaining requirements. In no case can the two degrees be completed in less than four years (eight semesters) of full-time work.

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