Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Consciousness and the Other: Phenomenology and Postmodernism

Available Spring 2018

There has been a growing appreciation across a number of disciplines—philosophy, cognitive science, linguistics, psychology, and sociology, to name but a few—of the important role that our encounter with other persons plays in the development of our cognitive and affective capacities, our personal identity, and even our sense of the reality of the world.  Phenomenology has not only been at the forefront of the study of the encounter between self and other, but has been increasingly appreciated as a fruitful methodology for the scientific study of consciousness and sociality. 

This seminar course examines key texts within the phenomenological, existentialist, and postmodern traditions in order to examine the significance of the other for meaning, objectivity, self-identity, language, and moral obligation. Through a close reading and discussion the works of Husserl, Heidegger, Stein, Merleau-Ponty, Sartre, Levinas, Derrida, Ricoeur, and Marion, students will seek to understand and critically evaluate current approaches to the self, the other, and their relationship. This seminar will engage outside speakers working on these issues from within the phenomenological tradition.

Seminar coordinator: Justin Gable, OP

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