Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

The Convocation of the College of Fellows

The Convocation of the College of Fellows is an annual gathering at which DSPT Fellows enter into conversation with our students, faculty, staff, each other, and with the public. Watch videos from 2017 here.

Fellows are distinguished lay Catholic men and women representing a wide variety of fields of human endeavor. That diversity affords the wonderful opportunity to engage topics of significance to the Church and our culture from a variety of perspectives. In light of their experience and wisdom, Fellows offer insights into our world and culture and suggest questions that must be asked in order to meet the challenges and identify the opportunities facing us today.

Over the years the Convocation evolved to its present form, which typically includes a day-long, school-wide symposium that culminates with Mass and a dinner on Friday, and public presentations on Catholic Imagination and Contemporary Culture followed by a reception on Saturday. In light of the upcoming conclusion of the 800th Jubilee of the founding of the Order of Preachers (the Dominicans) the 2017 Convocation will consist of a special two-day symposium open to the public.

2017 Convocation Symposium

The Stewardship of Knowledge & Evangelization in our Culture: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives

Past Convocation Symposia

2016 - The Synod on the Family: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives from the American Context
2015 - “Blessed are you poor…” What Does It Mean to be a Poor Church for the Poor?
2014 - What Does It Mean to Think with the Church?
2013 - Religious Liberty and Faith in the Public Square and Natural Law and Virtue in Relation to Positive Law and Governance
2012 - The New Evangelization in Light of the Lineamenta for the Synod of Bishops

Catholic Imagination and Contemporary Culture­ Presentations

The College of Fellows’ first dean – André Delbecq – proposed that Fellows present their perspectives on Catholic Imagination and Contemporary Culture in light of their expertise and secular vocation. These presentations are typically held on Saturday afternoon of the Convocation and are followed by a Q&A period and a public reception.

In their presentations, Fellows highlight major challenges within their fields and indicate how their Catholic Faith and the resulting Catholic worldview and imagination aids them in tackling those challenges. In years when the symposium topic lends itself, the Fellows may be asked to integrate into their Catholic Imagination and Contemporary Culture presentations a consideration of the symposium topic. 

Past Convocations