Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology
This event happened on: Friday, February 1, 2019, 1:00 pm to Saturday, February 2, 2019, 5:00 pm
DSPT, 2301 Vine Street, Berkeley, CA 94708

You Too Go into My Vineyard - The Role of the Laity in the Church Today

The 10th Annual Convocation of the College of Fellows

Please join us for a 2-day conversation among lay and religious of all backgrounds. Together we will take a look at the theology of the Catholic laity and the important role it plays in the Church today.  Suggested reading: Christifideles Laici.  This event will be live-streamed here

RSVP on this page for either or both days. Please include a name for any guests you RSVP for. 

Guest Speakers Include:

Bishop Jaime Soto, Diocese of Sacramento
Gil Bailie, DSPT Fellow, Writer
Paolo Carozza, Director, Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies, University of Notre Dame
Bill Cox, President and CEO of the Alliance of Catholic Health Care
Ned Dolejsi, DSPT Fellow, past Director of California Catholic Conference
JD Flynn, Editor, CNA, Chief Editor
Elizabeth Garlow, Economy of Communion
Dana Gioia, DSPT Fellow, Poet, writer
Michael K. Grace, KM, Order of Malta, DSPT Alumnus
Russell F. Hittinger,  DSPT Fellow, William K. Warren Professor of Catholic Studies, University of Tulsa
Anna B. Moreland, Villanova University
Michael Sweeney, OP, Lay Mission Project
Greg Wolfe, DSPT Fellow, Writer, Editor, Publisher, Teacher

Event Schedule

Friday 1pm - 6pm

1:00 pm – Opening Prayer and Welcome, Fr. Peter Rogers, OP

1:15 pm – Session 1: What is the Voice of the Laity?  

Michael Sweeney, OP: Co-responsibility (20 min)
Russell Hittinger, PhD: The Long Truce (20 min)
Response by Bishop Jaime Soto (20 min)

3:00 pm – Session 2: Of the Mission of the Church, What Belongs to the Laity?

Anna B. Moreland, Villanova University (20 min)
JD Flynn (20 min)

3:45 pm – Session 3: Lay Competencies: Fellows Perspectives

Opening Remarks: Bill Cox, Greg Wolfe (30 min)
Attending Fellows - multi-disciplinary reflections (30 min)

5:30 Light Reception

6:00 pm – End

Saturday 10am-5pm

9:30 am – Coffee and Pastries

10:00 am - Fr. Peter Opening Prayer and Welcome

10:05 am - Russ Hittinger - Summary Overview of Prior Day Discussions

10:30 am Session 1: The Lay Movements in the US and Abroad

Fr. Joe Boenzi, SDB: Ecclesial movements of the last 150 years with a look at recent experiences flowing from the celebration of the new millennium (20 min)
Paolo Carozza: Ecclesial Movements and the Challenges of the Modern World (20 min)
Michael Grace, KM - The Knights and Co-responsibility of the Laity (20 min)
Elizabeth Garlow: Entrepreneurship as a Lay Spiritual Act (20 min)

12:15 Lunch provided

1:00 pm Session 3 – DSPT Student Panel Reflections 

Opening remarks: Br. Chrysosotom Mijinke, OP, Freya Martinson and Teresa Zeng (45 min)
Attending DSPT students - Reflections (15 min)

2:30 pm Session 3: Paths Forward - Fellows Perspectives 

Opening Remarks: Gil Bailie, Ned Dolejsi, Dana Gioia (45 min)
Attending Fellows - Multi-disciplinary Reflections (45 min) 

4:00 pm Q&A

4:30 pm Light Reception

5:00 pm End

Excerpts from the 2018 Convocation of the College of Fellows: 

Watch the individually recorded talks from Convocations in 2017 and 2018.

This event was made possible in part by support from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation. 

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