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Daniel Lungren

Daniel Lungren

Professional Background:

Daniel Lungren was elected to the United States Congress in 1976, where he served for ten years. Returning to California, he was elected Attorney General, and served in that office until 1999. The events of 9-11 prompted him once again to leave private life, and he was elected to California’s 3rd congressional district, where he served from 2005 to 2013. 


B.A, English from  University of Notre Dame

J.D., from Georgetown


Points of Interest:

As Attorney General of California and as a member of Congress, Lungren has been concerned for public safety, most especially of children: he has sought protection for children against sexual predators, and has sponsored legislation to combat human trafficking, both within and outside the United States. He has also acted to establish a commission to study modern-day slavery. He has worked actively outside of Congress for the dignity of the person, and for promoting what John Paul II called “a culture of life”, especially through the Sacramento Life Center, whose purpose is to empower women through community education and outreach, and which serves both those who are contemplating or have had an abortion. 

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