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Dean Covalt

Dean Covalt

MA Philosophy, Exam Option, December 2019

Dean, you have tirelessly and relentlessly pursued the study of truth in your own life, and that pursuit has now led you to spend your days teaching and communicating that truth to others. Yours is a noble vocation, and I wish you so many blessings as you do the good work of forming young hearts and minds! May your work be filled with joy and satisfaction, and so many other of God’s choicest blessings. Congratulations! Fr. Justin 

Advisor: Fr. Justin Gable, OP, Professor of Philosophy & Regent of Studies for the WDP

Exam Option - Capstone Paper Title: “The Liceity of Embryo Adoption/Rescue/Transfer: A Thomistic Evaluation of the Current Debate with Regard to Defining the Moral Object and Natural Law Theory” 

The focus of the paper was the debate concerning what the moral object of embryo adoption/rescue/transfer is and whether or not the moral object allows for the licit transfer of a frozen embryo to a womb. The conclusion is that embryo transfer is not licit because it amounts to an abuse of the proper function of the woman’s procreative powers by making her to become pregnant outside of the marital act. 

What are your plans after DSPT?  

At present, I am teaching science at a charter school in Oakland and I am teaching chemistry at Diablo Valley College and Berkeley City College. This fall I will start teaching biology and chemistry at Piedmont and Millennium High Schools. In the future, I hope to teach philosophy at the college level as well as continue my writing. I hope to contribute to the academic literature in the areas of biomedical ethics, natural law theory, and moral philosophy. 

What do you appreciate about studying at DSPT?

What I appreciate about studying at DSPT is that it provides a place to deepen my understanding of Thomism and Aristotelean philosophy and also broaden my knowledge in a way that is absent at many other prominent schools. It was through the courses where we were able to have in-depth discussions with the professors and with the other students that my interest in biomedical ethics was reignited. My time at DSPT has allowed me to grow as an intellectual by pushing me to think more critically about what I am learning. Most importantly, I've learned how to apply it to the world we live in now and communicate the truths found in Thomistic philosophy and theology to those who do not hold to those views.

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