Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Dominican Colloquia in Berkeley: Philosophers and Theologians in Conversation

Reaching a wider audience - the papers from the 2017 Dominican Colloquium in Berkeley are now published, in the Spring 2019 issue of Nova et Vetera (vol 17 no 2)

This international colloquium is a direct result of a request made by the Master of the Dominican Order, Fr. Bruno Cadoré, OP to DSPT.  Fr. Cadoré made a routine visit to our school and as he witnessed our core strength in integrating philosophy and theology he asked that we bring that important integration to academia and to the public. The Dominican Colloquia in Berkeley is designed to take place every three years. Each individual conference will bring together top philosophers and theologians from around the world to examine contemporary philosophical work and its implications for theology.

Colloquium Details:

Dominican Colloquium 2017 - Person, Soul and Consciousness
Looking at questions related to Person, Soul and Consciousness from theological and philosophical perspectives. 

Dominican Colloquium 2014 - What has Athens to do with Jerusalem?
Focused on the intersection between philosophy and theology, seeking to continue the venerable Dominican tradition of bringing together philosophers and theologians to explore the theological implications of contemporary work in philosophy, as well as philosophical questions that emerge from theological inquiry.

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