Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Elizabeth Kovacs

Elizabeth R. Kovacs

MA Theology, May 2020 

Your peaceful disposition allows you to reach a level of introspection in all that you do, Elizabeth. I was consistently impressed by the creative insights you developed for both your thesis work and the art holy card project in Blackfriars Gallery. May this contemplative nature draw you ever more deeply into the great Mystery that art helps us remember in our daily lives. - Fr. Chris

Thesis Title: Intention and Effect: Liturgical Anamnesis Withstanding Plato's Critique of Mimesis 

Thesis Coordinator: Christopher Renz, OP, Professor of Liturgical Studies & Science and Theology 

Thesis Description: This thesis addresses the ontological and devotional legitimacy of Marian holy cards by comparing two schools of thought regarding the use of memory to access reality. I argue that the intention implied in liturgical anamnesis withstands Plato's critique of mimesis, demonstrating why there is sanctioned use of these cards. By examining the sacramental theology of the Eucharist, liturgical theology of icons, Socratic-Platonic discourse on images, and the historiography and theory of allographic art forms, I conclude that these devotional objects present an opportunity for a phenomenological and spiritual encounter with the Blessed Virgin Mary, thus playing an important role in personal piety. 

What are your plans after DSPT? 

In the future I plan to continue to grow in trust and love for God and strive to improve my attentiveness to His calls. 

What did you appreciate about studying at DSPT?  

Where could I begin? My time at DSPT has transformed me. Since studying here, I have found a strong community of Catholic friends, come back into the Church, produced scholarship that I am proud of, and learned an academic approach to Theology that I will never take for granted. The Aristotelian-Thomist tradition has changed my life. Plato and Socrates have given me endless food for thought. The academic rigor of studying beside the Order of Preachers truly makes me feel like the luckiest gal in the world. I wish I could take classes from Fr. Dodds and Fr. Augustine forever. I love DSPT so much! 

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