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Arthur Lenti, SDB
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​SSL, Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome

STL, Pontificia Università Salesiana, Rome

STL Salesian Pontifical Atheneum, Turin

BA, Don Bosco College

Arthur Lenti, SDB

Adjunct Lecturer

I feel that teaching is not as personal as one would like to think. It should in reality be a credible interpretation of the scholarship of many scholars of many ages. The instructor's task is to do this with integrity, and above all, check resources. Being honest to the sources, and being honest about how you use other people's writings are vital.

I teach on the life and work of the founder of the Salesians, John (Don) Bosco, in context. Don Bosco (1815-1888) lived during the period of the liberal revolutions that swept through Western Europe in the nineteenth century and that produced modern nation-states with new political and social orders. The liberal revolution removed the old "legitimate" rulers and greatly reduced the influence of the institutional Church. In particular, Italy was united as a nation, and its new liberal institutions did away with the Papacy's temporal power. Don Bosco began and expanded his humanitarian and religious work in a progressively secularized society and growing anticlerical hostility, while the Catholic forces struggled to come to grips with the momentous changes. In this context, my course aims at presenting a critical view of Don Bosco's life and work. It is not just a matter of describing what Don Bosco did, but why and how he did it. His students are challenged to decide for themselves what their own particular cultural and religious situations may require, and what the appropriate Christian response in those situations might be.

Fall 2015

Don Bosco Founder (HS-2881)

Spring 2015    

Don Bosco Builder (HS-2442)

Fall 2014        

Don Bosco Founder (HS-2881)

Don Bosco: History and Spirit. Vol. 7, Don Bosco's Golden Years. Roma: LAS – Libreria Ateneo Salesiano, 2010.

Don Bosco. History and Spirit. A critical survey of the life and times of Saint John Bosco (1815-1888). Roma: LAS – Libreria Ateneo Salesiano, 2007-2010.

Don Bosco. His Pope and His Bishop, The Trials of a Founder. Roma: LAS – Libreria Ateneo Salesiano, 2006.

"Madonnas for Times of Trouble . . . Mary under the Titles of Immaculate Conception and Help of Christians." Journal of Salesian Studies 11:1 (2000) 1-62.

"Politics of the 'Our Father' and the Holy Father: Don Bosco Mediation in Church-State Affairs." Journal of Salesian Studies 10:2 (1999) 181-245.

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"The Bosco-Gastaldi Conflict . . . from 1874 to the Enforce Reconciliation (Concordia) 9n 1882." Journal of Salesian Studies 5:1 (1994) 35-131.

"The Convitto Ecclesiastico-'Where One Learnt to Be a Priest'." Journal of Salesian Studies3:1 (1992) 39-77.

"Don Bosco's Vocation-Mission Dream-Its Recurrence and Significance." Journal of Salesian Studies 2:1 (1991) 43-156.

Research interests

  • Don Bosco, life and work
  • Old Testament study, with an emphasis on its historical background
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