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Curriculum vitae



PhD, Graduate Theological Union & University of California, Berkeley
 - Near Eastern Religions

MA, Graduate Theological Union

BA, Dominican College of San Rafael
 - Classics (Latin and Greek)

Barbara Green, OP

Professor of Biblical Studies

I hope to inspire in my students a deep love of the intellectual and spiritual tradition we have inherited in the study of the Bible. Current students are accustomed to the efficiencies of technology, so that they are eager for the document or material they want to pop onto a screen they can hold in their hand, to have access to material that they want for their own fresh interests - my hope is to help them have a slightly wider and deeper reach, so that they don’t mind doing some more strenuous searching for what is perhaps slightly harder to find, more challenging to understand.  This hope is actually a way in which we all participate in keeping ancient beloved narratives fresh and vital.

I love to spend most of my time learning more about my main field of interest, which is biblical studies.  To deepen in that area, and to expand into Christian spirituality, into issues related to (post)modern theory  and nonviolence keeps me interested in many things. To work with students on their projects related to mine is stimulating, drawing me into areas I might not have ventured by myself.

I am a member of the Core Doctoral Faculty of the GTU, Society of Biblical Literature and Catholic Biblical Association of America, where I have served on the program committee, on the executive board, as a consultant, and currently as a member of the editorial board of the CBQ Monograph series.

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Past courses taught by Sr. Barbara:

The Gospel of John (NT-2251)
Intermediate Hebrew (BS-2002)
Intermediate Hebrew II (BS-2003)
Biblical Issues/Christian Spirituality (SPOT-4444)
Basics: Biblical Studies & Spirituality (BSSP-1066)
Basics: Biblical Studies & Spirituality B (BSSP-1067)
Basics: Biblical Studies & Spirituality C (BSSP-1068)
Wisdom/Writings (OT-2608)
Intro to New Testament (NT-1003)
Biblical Hermeneutics (BSSP-4360)
Pentateuch and Former Prophets (OT-2094)
Advanced Hebrew Reading (BS-4002)
Texts and Methods (OT-6005)
Biblical Prophets  (OT-2146)
The Synoptic Gospels (NT-2238)
Genesis, Girard, Jacob, Jesus     
Old Testament Foundations


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Biblical fiction

Woven Silence (Amazon: Create Space) 2012

Near Kin (Create Space) 2011

Odd School Ties (Advantage Books) 2010

Mindful (Amazon: Booksurge) 2008


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series editor: INTERFACES books on biblical characters 

Book reviews:

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Research interests

  • Biblical Studies
  • Biblical Spirituality
  • Hermeneutics
  • Early Biblical narratives, such as Genesis, 1 Samuel, Jonah, and the Wisdom of Solomon, Deuteronomy
  • Stories of David in 1-2 Samuel
  • the Book of Jeremiah and its rich complexity
  • issues of the Bible and violence
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