Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology
John Thomas Mellein, OP
Office Location: East 207

Curriculum Vitae


PhD, School of Philosophy, Catholic University of America

MA Philosophy, MDiv, Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

BA Liberal Arts, Thomas Aquinas CollegeĀ 

John Thomas Mellein, OP

Adjunct Professor of Philosophy

Socrates remarks that “the unexamined life is not worth living.”  Examination includes not only human life but knowledge of cause and effect ultimately leading to the Highest Cause, namely, God.  My aim is to help students encounter the wisdom of Western Philosophical thought and to acquire facility in reading ancient and medieval authors (especially Thomas Aquinas) so that they can continue further reading on their own.  Historical context helps to shed light on some of the challenges that the texts present, and helps to encourage a sympathetic reading.  I strive to find connections between philosophical truths and modern daily life in order to make the ideas more accessible.  

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Courses taught by John Mellein, OP:

Logic (PHHS-1115)
History of Philosophy: Ancient (PHHS-1050)
Aquinas on the Categories (PHST-4211)

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Research Interests

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