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John Roche, SDB
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STL, Universitá Pontificia Salesiana, Rome, Italy
 - Salesian Spirituality

MA and MDiv, Pontifical College Josephinum,  Worthington, OH
 - Theology with Biblical Concentration

BA, Don Bosco College, Newton, NJ
 - Philosophy with minor in English Literature

English Literature Teaching Credential, St. Peter’s College, Jersey City, NJ 

John Roche, SDB

Adjunct Lecturer

A driving force in my education and formation has always been a precise understanding of religious experience and the event of conversion. To every discipline I have always posed the simple question, “What is conversion and the experience of conversion for this discipline?”

Over the years, this quest has taken many pathways for a better understanding of evangelization and education. There is, after all, no one answer or one simple equation to respond to this driving question. Yet, in the lives of great saints and educators such as St. John Bosco and St. Francis de Sales, there is the essence of a mission for salvation and an offering of that mission to a wide audience. In the words of Fr. Ron Rolheiser, this is the ONE THING that drove their search for meaning and their quest for God. 

At the bottom of this pursuit is the restless desire for encounter with Jesus and with that the desire to translate that experience and meeting into something that is attainable and accessible to young people of any time and any culture. My passion is to deepen that encounter for myself and by that deepening open up a pathway and an invitation for a new generation of believers, seekers, thinkers, and even persons doubting a deeper meaning for their lives.

By considering the quest described herein, it is my deepest desire that each student will move beyond mere academic formation and enlightenment to an authentic encounter with the living God, in the person of his Son, Jesus Christ.  And it is my hope that this encounter will open for them an understanding and an empathy that allows for no level of elitism but, rather, an embrace of all faiths and persons on the path to meaning.  In this way, Jesus becomes for these students not the exclusive leader of their club but the inspiration for a life of self-giving service for others. 

Fall 2015

Post-Modern Evangelization (STSP-3082)

Spring 2015    

Christology: Jesus as Companion (STSP-2362)

Fall 2014        

Post-Modern Evangelization (STSP-3081)

Fall 2010

Interactive Evangelism (STSP-3080)

“Salesian Evangelization: At the Threshold of the Bicentennial of Don Bosco’s Birth (Part 1),” Journal of Salesian Studies 16, No. 1 (2015), 1-40.

“Salesian Evangelization: At the Threshold of the Bicentennial of Don Bosco’s Birth (Part 2),” Journal of Salesian Studies 16, No. 2 (2015), 103-140.

Regular contributor to The Catholic Voice, Diocese of Oakland.

“Cultivating Hearts: A Response to Salesian Youth Ministry Today,” Journal of Salesian Studies 15 (2007): 145-166.

Salesian Accompaniment, inter-session course reader, 2008.

Salesian Preventive System: Loving Kindness, inter-session course reader, 2008.

Licentiate Thesis: The Salesian Youth Spirituality of Accompaniment: The Vision of Juan Vecchi and a New Moment; Universitá Pontificia Salesiana, Rome, 18 June 2007.

Research interests

With special attention to the Catholic Philosopher Charles Taylor and the recent work of Irish Theologian, Dermot Lane, I continue to engage the inter-disciplinary work involved in addressing a new evangelization for our times as well as foster inter-faith dialogue.  

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