Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Robert Christian, OP

Adjunct Professor of Theology

Exploring the sacramental life of the Church means exploring how Christ, the Savior, continually encounters human beings, through simple material signs, gestures, and words. In the sacraments, God, who is love, speaks love and, in a tangible way, communicates that love to those who seek communion with him. For the person of faith, sacraments assure that the spiritual assistance one seeks is actually made present in an act of the Church.

Sacramental theology is the intersection of dogmatic, moral, and spiritual theology, where what one knows of God connects with what one perceives to be the correct way to live in and with God, and with one’s neighbor. In the sacramental life, the aspirations of the human spirit meet the author of grace.

Because sacramental encounters are encounters with the divine, they surpass the capacity of the human to grasp completely. Nevertheless, they are revelatory of God’s love, and they indicate that acts of worship are not primarily a human construct, but truly the work of God.

Fall 2015

Theology of Sacraments (ST-3067)

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