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Faculty Member Areas of Expertise
Joseph Boenzi, SDB

Saint Francis de Sales in history and his spirituality
Youth Spirituality, Salesian Spirituality, Ecclesiology
History of the Church - modern & contemporary, Italy in the 19th century

Michael Dodds, OP

St. Thomas Aquinas and Contemporary Philosophy and Science, Philosophical Anthropology, Aquinas's notion of Formal Causality, Divine Action

Marianne Farina, CSC

Catholic Social Teaching, Comparative Theology, Interfaith Dialogue, Philosophical Studies in Islam

Justin Gable, OP

Phenomenology, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Medieval Philosophy, Bioethics

Barbara Green, OP

Biblical Studies, Biblical Spirituality, Hermeneutics
Early Biblical Narratives

Edward Krasevac, OP

Fundamental Moral Theology

Bryan Kromholtz, OP

St. Thomas Aquinas on the resurrection of the dead, St. Thomas Aquinas’s eschatology in the Commentator tradition, Eschatological beliefs for pastoral practice

Eugene Ludwig, OFM Cap

Hellenism, The Christian Fathers

Hilary Martin, OP

Church history, councils of reunion and reform
Natural Law, Myths and Rituals of Aboriginal communities of North Central Australia

John Thomas Mellein, OP  
Anselm Ramelow, OP  
Chris Renz, OP  
Augustine Thompson, OP  
Marga Vega, PhD  
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