Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Congratulations to our Graduates!

You have achieved your academic goals and have done so during an unprecedented time of uncertainty in our world. We admire your resilience and are deeply sorry we can't celebrate together with a commencement ceremony. 


A Word of Farewell and Thanks to Fr. Albert Paretsky, OP:

Having departed from DSPT in 2014 to go back to the Province of St. Joseph (Eastern USA), his home province, Professor Paretsky joined us again at DSPT for the past two years. So now, it is time to say “Goodbye” – again! Teaching courses in New Testament, Fr. Albert graced us with his extensive and profound understanding of the Sacred Scriptures, helping students to make innumerable connections among them and with the wisdom of the Word – wherever it is found. His students have greatly benefitted not only from his teaching but from his encouragement as they sought out his expertise for their projects and interests.

Father Albert, the Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology offers God prayers of thanksgiving for your presence among us, asking for his blessing upon you for the next phase of your life and forever. 

Giulia Arcuri

MA Theology, May 2020

Benjamin Baxter

MA Philosophy, May 2020

Jose Isidro Belleza

Concurrent MA Philosophy & Theology, December 2019

Fr. Sebastine Bula

MA Theology, May 2020

Dean Covalt

MA Philosophy, December 2019

Paweł Jamróz, OP

Certificate of Theological Studies, May 2020

Jacek Kępiński, OP

Certificate of Theological Studies, May 2020

Elizabeth Kovacs

MA Theology, May 2020

Gregory Liu, OP

Master of Divinity, May 2020 and MA Philosophy, 2018

Vien Minh Nguyen, SDB

Master of Divinity, May 2020

Michael Salvatore Politz

MA Philosophy, May 2020

Qi Zeng

Concurrent MA Philosophy and Theology, December 2019

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