Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Gregory Liu, OP

Gregory Liu, OP

Master of Divinity, May 2020, MA Philosophy, 2018

Brother Gregory, in all your studies and ministry, you are wonderfully bringing together intellectual engagement, a dedication to liturgical worship, a commitment to serve the members of the Body of Christ, and a concern for bringing the Word to our world. Congratulations on finishing your Master of Divinity, and may you go forth and bear fruit! - Fr. Bryan 

Brother Gregory, congratulations on your Master of Arts degree in philosophy. You have brought together the wisdom of Chinese culture and St. Thomas Aquinas to illustrate the essential goodness of human nature. May God's abundant goodness ever fill your life and ministry. Fr. Michael Dodds, OP 

Thesis Title: A Thomistic Response to the Debate on Human Nature in Ancient China 

Thesis Description: Whether human nature is good or bad is a well-known debate among ancient Confucians. This thesis seeks to provide a Thomistic perspective and tries to answer the question: How might St. Thomas Aquinas respond if he were to listen in this debate. It does so by analyzing the definition and theory of human nature, as well as the theory of virtue, according to the thought of Mengzi, Xunzi, and St. Thomas Aquinas. 
What are your plans after DSPT? 

I plan to serve as a priest in one of the ministries of the Western Dominican Province. 

What did you appreciate about studying at DSPT? 

Studying at DSPT has laid for me a solid foundation of Thomistic philosophy and theology, faithful to the Catholic tradition and the magisterium of the Church. I am in a good position to use what I have learned in pastoral ministries, as well as for further academic studies. 

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