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Gregory Wolfe

Gregory Wolfe

Professional Background:

Few in this country have done so much to promote the friendship between Christianity and the arts as has Gregory Wolfe. In 1989 he founded Image, now one of the country's leading literary journals, a quarterly devoted to exploring the relationship between faith and the arts, which Annie Dillard has referred to as “one of the best journals on the planet.” Its purpose is an exploration of the possibilities that are realized when the Christian tradition inspires literary and artistic works that are profoundly open both to the Revelation of the Father in Christ and to the world. In 1996 Gregory founded the Glen Workshops, in which he offers summer programs for developing authors and artists and, since 2000, he has been Writer in Residence at Seattle Pacific University. There he founded the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program, the first in the country to integrate intentionally a studio writing degree with the resources of the Judeo-Christian tradition. After directing this for eleven years, he has now been named Senior Fellow at the Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture at Seattle University, where he will help engage and renew conversations about reason and faith, religion and culture, and the church and the world.


B.A. in English, History, Political Theory from Hillsdale College

M.A. in English Language and Literature from the University of Oxford


Point Of Interest:

In Gregory's own words, “Understandably, religion and art need each other. When we lack the kind of stimulus which only the imagination can provide, we make it more difficult to live the life of faith. And art, when it sees no creation to celebrate, and no soul in need of nurturing, loses its respect for truth.” We live in a culture that, at least in academic and “educated” circles, has tended to embrace a radical secularism, to the degree that even the possibility of any transcendence about human life and experience is held suspect, if not denied outright. Gregory has lived his conviction that “beauty will save the world” in his solicitude, not only for those who are accomplished in literature and the visual arts, but also in teaching and mentoring the young. 

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