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MA Philosophy Program Requirements - Exam Option

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Systematic Philosophy - 18 units

  • Aristotelian Logic (PH-1115)
  • Philosophy of Nature (PH-1056)
  • Philosophical Anthropology (PH-2040)
  • Metaphysics (PH-2050)
  • Theory of Knowledge/Epistemology (PH-1065)
  • General Ethics (PH-1008)

History of Philosophy - 12 units

  • History of Ancient (PHHS-1050)
  • History of Medieval (PHHS-1051)
  • History of Modern (PHHS-2000)
  • History of Contemporary (PH-2001)

Electives - 15 units

In consultation with your academic advisor and in keeping with the emphasis of your program, 15  units may be chosen in a particular specialization which will be explored in the Colloquium Paper. These units may be taken at DSPT, throughout any of the GTU member schools or centers of the GTU, and/or at UC Berkeley.

MA Colloquium - 3 units

The Comprehensive Exam (3-hour closed book), the Capstone Research Paper (20-25 pages), and the Philosophy Colloquium (2 presentations) constitute the “capstone event” of this program.

Goals and Outcomes

In addition to the stated institutional goals, students in the MA (Philosophy), exam option develop:

  • a comprehensive knowledge of the history of the Western philosophical tradition;
  • a detailed understanding of systematic philosophy;
  • skills for academic research;
  • an ability to integrate historical and systematic knowledge in a chosen area of interest;
  • skills for effective communication of philosophical ideas.

Students demonstrate competence in these goals by:

  • producing three research papers (one of which is the MA Colloquium Research Paper) by the conclusion of their program which meet specified criteria;
  • using the MA Colloquium to produce a capstone research paper which synthesizes material from the program, and to demonstrate skills for effective communication and collaborative learning, specifically
  • to listen attentively to input from peers and faculty on questions or points of disagreement, and
  • to formulate responses that incorporate issues raised.

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Stay on Track

  • The best place for you to find details about the MAPh Exam Option program requirements is in section IV of the Student Handbook.
  • MAPh Program Course Checklist - review with your advisor at the beginning of each semester.
  • Admissions Requirements - Includes Statement of Purpose, Transcripts, GPA, Academic Writing Sample, GRE Scores, TOEFL/IELTS and Letters of recommendation.
  • The Research Readiness Paper must be completed by the first semester in your program. 
  • Foreign Language Certification must be complete by the third semester of your program. Refer to the GTU MA Handbook.


Aaron Anderson
Director of Admissions

Philosophy Department Faculty

Michael Dodds, OP
Marianne Farina, CSC
Justin Gable, OP
John Thomas Mellein, OP
Anselm Ramelow, OP
Augustine Thompson, OP
Marga Vega, PhD

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