Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Michael Salvatore Politz

Michael Salvatore Politz

MA Philosophy, May 2020

I recall our very first conversations when you were applying to the school. There was excitement in your voice as you considered topics that would integrate studies in philosophy, theology, and science. 
Through the way you engaged in research and writing, as well as in your classroom presentations, you demonstrated great potential for further academic work and teaching. My prayer is that you continue to advance as a scholar and educator. 
God Bless you in all your future endeavors.  – Sr. Marianne

Exam Option - Capstone Paper: “The Soteriology of Transhumanism and its Feasibility”

This research project focused on the understanding of personhood, especially through contemporary explorations of transhumanism. It demonstrated how a Thomistic account of personhood offers a critical challenge to transhumanism’s eschatological goal of continual human improvement towards “virtual immortality.” It suggested that Aquinas’s anthropology might offer a way for transhumanism to tread the line between improving the human condition without forsaking our human nature.

Advisor: Sr. Marianne Farina, CSC, Professor of Philosophy & Theology 

What are your plans after DSPT? 

After graduating from DSPT, I plan to pursue a career in law enforcement through Wildlife and Fisheries. My time at DSPT has deepened my respect and appreciation for the world I live in and its many wonders. Now, I wish to move back to the Southeast United States to be closer to family and seek a job as a Wildlife and Fisheries Agent. It is my aspiration to give everything I can back to aiding the land, animals, and people that comprise this beautiful Creation. 

What did you appreciate about studying at DSPT? 

I came to DSPT fresh from a science-heavy undergraduate curriculum. As such, I had several deep-seated existential questions to which I wanted answers. The faculty at DSPT never turned me away from pursuing these questions by saying they were too difficult or too daunting a task. Rather, any problem I brought to them received a direction, a method, and sources to help me discern answers. 

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