Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

A Cross-disciplinary Learning Environment

Dominican Pedagogy

We believe that the most robust knowledge can be found when human reason, respected in its own right, is guided by the light of faith.  Our Faculty value the necessary and fruitful partnership between philosophy and theology, creating a communal learning environment suffused with this interdisciplinary approach. This is why students come to DSPT.

My students appreciate that they can reflect on realities that are suppressed in secular contexts. Thinking about God, for example, is a genuine philosophical concern; in the thought of Aristotle and Plato this topic predates Christianity. The space in which to think is wider here than it would be on most campuses. - Fr. Anselm Ramelow, OP, Professor of Philosophy

Since the 13th century, Dominican educational centers have incorporated the works of ancient Greek philosophers, of Muslim and Jewish scholars, and of many contemporary philosophers and theologians. Remaining rooted in this tradition, our students and professors engage in conversations inside and outside of the classroom, exploring a variety of ideologies and concerns of contemporary culture.

Following the long-standing interest of the Dominican Order in the fine arts, DSPT further encourages these interdisciplinary conversations through Blackfriars Gallery and our specialized Religion and Art Library. Using these resources, exhibitions bring the tradition of art into conversation with academic disciplines such as aesthetics, sacred arts, liturgical studies, and Catholic culture.

Concurrent Master of Arts Option

DSPT offers the Concurrent MA Option where qualified students focus their study and research in a particular manner on those dynamic cross-sections between philosophy and theology and receive 2 MA degrees with one integrated thesis. For the lay scholar, the Concurrent MA Option makes available the comprehensive breadth of Dominican education.

Why study philosophy & theology together?