Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Paweł Jamróz, OP


Br. Paweł Jamróz, OP

Certificate of Theological Studies, May 2020 

Brother, you have a powerful intellect and a wonderful gift for understanding difficult texts, seeing connections, and expressing your thoughts. May you continue to find satisfaction in your studies, joy in sharing the fruits of your contemplation, and peace in your vocation! Many blessings to you as you return home to Poland—you will never be far from our thoughts and prayers!  – Fr. Justin 

Advisor: Fr. Justin Gable, OP, Professor of Philosophy

What are your plans after DSPT?  

After I return to Poland, I will study for four more years before my ordination to the priesthood. 

What did you appreciate about studying at DSPT?  

What I appreciate about DSPT is the ability to build the bridges between philosophy and theology, past and present, tradition and contemporary. And I have enjoyed doing all of this in an excellent atmosphere with gorgeous people. 

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