Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Personhood and Consciousness as Ethical Problem

Available Fall 2019

In this seminar we will discuss matters of bioethics related to the status of personhood. This concerns the status of the human being at the beginning as well as at the end of life: Are embryos persons? Is brain death the end of the person? Are people in vegetative states persons? Do they have rights? Moreover, can persons be made subject to genetic construction or technological manipulations and artificial enhancements (e.g. by the Transhumanist movement)? What might such interventions do to the self-understanding of the persons involved? What criteria do we have for ethical boundaries? Finally, on the other end of the spectrum: are animals persons, too? How should we treat them? This seminar will engage invited outside speakers working in the field.

Seminar coordinator: Justin Gable, OP

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