Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Peter Rogers, OP, President

Peter Rogers, O.P.

Fr. Peter enjoyed a career in education before entering the Dominican Order. Working in American and international schools in Norway, The Netherlands, Egypt, Italy and Malaysia, Fr. Peter taught for a few years at the elementary and middle school level, and served as principal of the elementary division in these K-12 schools. He earned a B.S. in education, an M.A. in education curriculum development, and a PhD in education curriculum and administration.

Since being ordained a priest in 2002, Fr. Peter has served as Associate Pastor at St. Dominic Church, San Francisco; Pastor at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Newman Center for the University of Utah in Salt Lake City; and Pastor at St. Dominic Church in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles.

In his pastoral ministry, Fr. Peter was called to draw upon his school administration experience and to serve as interim principal of St. Dominic School in San Francisco. As pastor of St. Dominic Church in Los Angeles, Fr. Peter worked closely with the principal, faculty, parents and students at St. Dominic School to assist in increase enrollment and to develop the curriculum program, creating a strong and joyful spirit of collaboration among all the constituents of the school.

A strong interest while serving at the Newman Center for the University of Utah was interfaith ministry. A co-founder and director of the Interfaith Ministers Council and sponsor of the Interfaith Student Council at the University of Utah, Fr. Peter worked closely with the president of the university, the vice president for student affairs, the dean of students, and other administrative staff at the university to promote interfaith dialog. This purpose was to break down fears and to build understanding and respect for one another’s faith so that all students of different faiths could have the opportunity to actively practice their faith without fear of prejudice or harassment.

Fr. Peter brings his considerable experience into his position as President of the DSPT to further the excellent curriculum program at DSPT and to further integrate DSPT in the interfaith work of the Graduate Theological Union.


Fr. Peter Rogers, OP, began his term as president of the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology on July 1, 2015.

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