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Why Study Philosophy at DSPT?

The study of philosophy at DSPT offers a background in classical, medieval, modern, and contemporary philosophy, with emphasis on the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas. The approach is historical and systematic, aiming to understand Aquinas in context, and also the way in which the tradition has interpreted and handed down his thought.

Following the scholastic tradition, our program is designed to deepen and expand one’s knowledge of the perennial issues of philosophy. Following St. Thomas, this means seeking to understand truth in all its forms and examining the ordered relationships between faith and reason, old and new, Gospel and culture. But it also means that the academic search is not merely a study of ancient texts and issues. At DSPT, philosophy involves a dialogue between St. Thomas and more recent philosophies. The goal is to allow Aquinas to speak to contemporary issues and thinkers. For example, our faculty are working on questions concerning Aquinas and modern science, cognitive science, and phenomenology – all in conjunction with some of the most established secular departments in philosophy and the sciences.

Person, Soul and Consciousness Project - A special academic focus available to MA students.

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