Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Person, Soul and Consciousness FAQs

  1. Are there any prerequisites for the project seminar courses?
    No, there are no prerequisites.

  2. Can someone apply only to the project?
    No. Once applicants indicate that they wish to participate in the project the Admissions Committee will evaluate eligibility for the usual degree program of MA Philosophy (either exam or thesis option), or the Concurrent MAPh/MATh degree option.
  3. Can a student enrolled in the MA Philosophy exam option participate in the project?
    Yes. Anyone can participate in the project seminars. However, students who are writing a thesis on this topic will have pride of place in the event the seminar course enrollment exceeds a manageable number.
  4. Can a DSPT student participate in any of the seminars if he/she does not wish to do a thesis on a topic related to the project?
    Yes. All DSPT students are offered the opportunity to participate in the project seminars.
  5. Will there be a new philosophy project beginning in 2020?
    Yes. Every three years a new philosophy project will be initiated around a new topic.
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