Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Person and Neuroscience Seminars

These lectures were part of the Person, Soul and Concsiousness Project led by our philosophy department. They were hosted by Dr. Marga Vega, DSPT Professor of Philosophy.  

Sept 12 - How to Critically Engage Neuroscience as a Non-Scientist: Separating the Good from the Bad. Using Neuroscience in a Religious Vocation.
Lecturer: Alan Weissenbacher, PhD 
Alan served many years as a counselor to homeless addicts, removing them from the urban setting and empowering them to run a farm while receiving counseling, spiritual care, and job training.  His work with these clients inspired his doctoral research into neuroscience and spiritual formation, exploring ways to improve religious care and addiction recovery through understanding how the brain works.

Oct 3 - On Human (Symbolic) Nature
Lecturer: Terrence Deacon, Professor of Anthropology, UCB

Nov 7 - Neurobiology of Emotions and the Evidence for Human Interconnectedness
Lecturer: Sonsoles de Lacalle, MD, PhD
Sonsoles de Lacalle is a neuroscientist, Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences in the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine and Director of the New Translational Biomedical Sciences Doctoral Program.

Nov 14 - Neuroscience and Personal Identity
Lecturer: Jennifer Hudin, Lecturer at UCB

Nov 28 - Free Will and Neuroscience 
Lecturer: Anselm Ramelow, OP, DSPT Professor of Philosophy

Dec 5 - Neuroscience and Religious Experience
Lecturer: Olga Louchakaova-Schwartz, PhD
Olga is Professor of Philosophy of Religion, Spirituality, and Human Development at Hult International Business School. She is a volunteer Clinical Professor, Department of Public Health Sciences, UC Davis School of Medicine; Professor Emerita and former Director of Research of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (Sofia University) and Lecturer at the Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley.

These lectures were made possible in part by a grant from the John Templeton Foundation through the John Carroll University.

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