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Populi – DSPT Student Information System

Launched at DSPT in Spring 2018, DSPT Populi site is the student information system (SIS) for advising, and managing degree courses and portfolio requirements. Designed for small schools such as DSPT, Populi is cloud based and therefore accessible wherever there is Internet access.

The Knowledge Base provided by Populi is quite useful and will most likely provide you with the answers to your questions. There are both written descriptions and video tutorials. Please visit the Knowledge Base pages to learn how Populi operates.

A Few Notes About Registration

All students are assigned to a Populi Program by the Academic Dean or the Registrar. All friars of the Western Dominican Province area assigned to the WDP Ratio Studiorum Program, which comprises 135 semester units of study in four segments:  Novitiate Studies (18 units); Philosophy Studies (a minimum of 30 units; 48 units for the MA degree); and Theology Studies (84 units, includes Master of Divinity and Complementary Curriculum). All other students are assigned to either the Graduate Program (which contains all MA degree and Certificate study options) or the Special Student Program.

Once you log in to Populi you can choose the My Profile tab and, if the enrollment period is open, you will see the Registration tab. PLEASE NOTE:  the Registration page will only appear when the online enrollment period is open.  Please see the DSPT Academic Calendar for the Registration dates for each term.

Please read the Populi Knowledge Base instructions to understand the various messages and options that might appear on your student page. Step-by-step registration instructions found on the Populi Knowledge Base will guide you through the process.

Please review the DSPT Populi Registration Guidelines. You cannot register for courses if you do not meet the prerequisites assigned to them, have time conflicts, or do not have your advisor approval. If you are a DSPT Student and wish to cross-register at another GTU school or center, then you must complete the DSPT Cross Registration Form.

With regard to tuition billing, tuition statements will be available in Populi on the Monday after late registration closes.  The tuition statement will reflect charges for registered classes, fees, institutional financial aid awards and any anticipated federal financial aid.  On-line payment by e-check or credit card will be available in Populi.

Please feel free to contact the Academic Dean or the Registrar with any questions or concerns.

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