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Qi Zeng

Qi Zeng

Concurrent MA Philosophy & Theology, December 2019

Qi, I have very much enjoyed directing your Concurrent MA thesis—it was a significant undertaking and an enriching experience of collaborative learning for both of us.  I am very pleased that you have decided to continue your study at Boston College’s theology department. I wish you all the best in your new endeavor as a Ph.D. student in theological ethics!  - Fr. Ed 

Thesis Title: How Readers Enter the World in Front of the Text: Reading the Rich Young Man in Mark’s Gospel with Paul Ricoeur

Thesis Coordinator: Fr. Edward Krasevac, OP, Professor of Theology  

Thesis Description: My thesis is motivated by my own reading of the story of the rich young man in Mark’s Gospel. My philosophical framework is grounded in Ricoeur’s hermeneutic philosophy. My philosophical contribution lies in justifying the unique value of fictional narrative in producing an intensified, intelligible, emotionally participatory referential world of human action and emotion. My theological reflection follows Ricoeur’s philosophical proposal of a “hermeneutic of self” in the setting of biblical faith. By partnering with Ricoeur, I argue that the figure of the rich young man can serve as a useful hermeneutical key for a contemporary reader. If treated seriously with readerly empathy and patience, this figure may open up a nuanced and complex Gospel world in which profound truth claims about God may be unfolded for the reader in front of the text. 

What are your plans after DSPT?

I am currently in the Ph.D. program at Boston College in the Theology Department. 

I hope to study global ethical issues faced by global citizens in the matrix of moral selfhood, virtue ethics, and enculturation. 

What did you appreciate about studying at DSPT? 

DSPT has been the starting place for my intellectual journey as a Catholic theological student. I have found a lifeworld of rich scholarship and genuine friendship. It is a place for the education of the whole person, a formative and transformative institution and I have been blessed and deeply honored to be part of its community! 

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