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Religion and the Arts

True art has a close affinity with the world of faith, so that, even in situations where culture and the Church are far apart, art remains a kind of bridge to religious experience. Saint John Paul II

Biblical movie poster from the collection
of Blackfriars Institute for Religion and the Arts.

The Religion and the Arts concentration offers students the opportunity to apply the dynamic cross sections of philosophy and theology to the very nature and role of art in society and the Church. Students discover the anthropological foundations for human creativity, and realize how art interprets the human experience - what ails our contemporary society, what gives it life and joy, and how the fine arts can touch the Divine. This area of concentration is intended for students in the MA Theology or Concurrent MA Option.

The DSPT difference in Religion and the Arts

Core Courses and Faculty

Aesthetics & Theology (STRA-2080), Bryan Kromholtz, OP
Christian Iconography (RAHS-1604), Faculty
Religion and the Cinema (RAST-2300), Richard Lindsay, PhD
Death/Judgment/Heaven/Hell (RAST-2332), Michael Morris, OP
Philosophical Aesthetics I (PHRA-4321), Anselm Ramelow, OP
Philosophical Aesthetics II (PHRA-4322), Anselm Ramelow, OP
Poetry & Creative Intuition (PHRA-4310), Chris Renz, OP
Foundations of Catholic Liturgy: The Ongoing Work of Jesus Christ (LSRA-1500), Chris Renz, OP
Liturgical Piety: Anthropological Foundations of Catholic Liturgy (coming Spring 2017), Chris Renz, OP

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