Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Religious Experience

Available Fall 2025

Can God manifest himself in our subjective experience? And if so, how do we know that it is God? What do these experiences mean, if they seem to occur in different traditions? Are they of the same kind? How can we relate these experiences to the various faculties of the human soul? Can they be understood in the context of the cosmos and metaphysics? Some traditions put more emphasis on experiences than others, and even within traditions, some are more attuned to them than others (mystics and prophets). We will read texts across traditions: Greek and Neoplatonic philosophers, Aquinas and the Arabic tradition on prophecy, the Spanish Mystics, Protestant notions of faith, William James and analytical philosophers (Swinburne, Plantinga).

Seminar Coordinator: Anselm Ramelow, OP

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