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Sacred Arts


Whenever the Church has abandoned the notion of beauty, it has lost precisely the power that it hoped to cultivate - its ability to reach souls in the modern world. - Dana Gioia, DSPT Fellow

The interior of  St. Mary's Basilica,
Cracow, Poland.

The Sacred Arts concentration is designed for students who wish to explore theoretical and practical applications of the fine arts, architecture and music to Catholic worship and liturgy.

Whether you choose the MA Theology degree or the Certificate of Theological Studies, the Sacred Arts concentration brings together three intrinsically connected elements:  art, liturgy, and “sacred performance,” which includes sacred music, sacred art, and liturgical preaching.

The DSPT difference in Sacred Arts

MA Theology Program

This 48-unit degree program is designed for those interested in obtaining a broad theological foundation (including Church history, Biblical Studies, moral theology, and non-Christian religious studes) for more focused learning in the sacred arts. Graduates from this program typically pursue areas such as doctoral studies, teaching, or lay ecclesial ministry.

Certificate of Theological Studies Program

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This 12-unit program option is recommended for those who already have a working knowledge of a specific art medium or Catholic worship and wish to augment their expertise with a specialized focus in the relationship of the fine arts to Catholic worship and culture. To complete the CTS program with a specialization in Sacred Arts, the student must complete the four courses indicated below, typically over two or more semesters.

  1. Christian Iconography
  2. Foundational Principles of Catholic Liturgy and Worship
  3. Liturgical Piety: Anthropological Foundations of Catholic Worship
  4. One Elective offering from any advisor-approved RA course

For program details, see the DSPT Student Handbook.

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