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Pursuing the truth as a community and dialoguing with the culture are essential elements of our education.

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We study the questions that matter in the tradition of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

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Our programs integrate philosophy and theology to apply the wisdom of these traditions today.

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EVENT: 2016 DSPT Aquinas Lecture - Life, Language and Christ: A Thomistic Approach

Olivier-Thomas Venard, OP, Vice Director of École Biblique et Archéologique Française de Jérusalem, Professor of New Testament. Free and open to the public. Will be available via Livestream.

Religion and The Arts Lecture Series

Ars Mystica: Dreams, Devotions, Magic & Miracles – Gallery exhibit and presentations by Hilary Martin, OP and Michael Morris, OP and Eleanor Hopewell

Spring 2016 Courses

Take a look at the classes we are offering this spring: Aristotle's Commentators, Theology of Angels and Demons, Christian Iconography and more.

DSPT Fellow Dana Gioia named California Poet Laureate

Our College of Fellows is comprised of lay women and men of emminence in fields such as such as politics, government, law, economics, business, the sciences, bio-medical research, technology, media, and the arts.

DSPT Events

We host a variety of speakers and events - The Convocation of the College of Fellows, Aquinas Lecture and more. Please join us!!

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St. Dominic 800th Jubilee Scholarships

We are pleased to announce 2 full scholarships to be offered for Fall of 2016! Contact admissions to inquire.

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Meet our professors and learn about our classes, concentrations and programs to see what makes us unique. Do you have questions? Would you like to sit in on a class? Contact us to get more information or plan a visit.

Faculty spotlight

Margarita Vega

I hope students at DSPT get both a global view to provide context for philosophical problems and a microscopic lens to dissect particular topics. By the end of their program, I expect students to be knowledgeable about how the philosophical tradition relates to contemporary research and to feel competent to continue the philosophical discussion with a personal contribution.

Augustine Thompson, OP

As a historian of Medieval Christianity, my great love has been the religious culture of medieval Italy. I spent two years in Bologna, Italy, doing the research for my first book - an experience which left me with an abiding love of Italians and all things Italian, especially the food, history and culture.

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Systematic and Philosophical Theology

We hold that philosophy and theology are two facets of a single conversation, taking into account both the insights that are discovered by human reason and those that are only accessible to us as they are revealed in Scripture and tradition.

Fine Arts in the Dominican Tradition

Our programs allow you to integrate the fine arts with philosophy and theology in three areas of concentration: Religion and the Arts, Sacred Arts and Aesthetics.

Our Learning Environment

Our Faculty value the necessary and fruitful partnership between philosophy and theology, creating a communal learning environment suffuse with this interdisciplinary approach.

Twentieth-Century Thomism Class

This class is designed to present a survey of some of the twentieth-century Thomists, and examine the development of the thought of St. Thomas in dialogue with the challenges of modernity and the problems of contemporary society.

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