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Exclusive event Oct. 7th at 5:30pm in gratitude for the supporters of our Saint Dominic campaign

St. Dominic and the Iconography of Our Lady of the Rosary

A presentation by Fr. Bartholomew Hutcherson, O.P.

Those of you who make a gift by September 30th will receive an invitatoin to this exclusive, DSPT presentation. 

After speaking briefly about the history of the Feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary and origins of the Iconography of this Title of the Blessed Virgin, Fr. Bart will reflect on various aspects of Rosary Iconography using beautiful sculptures of Our Lady of the Rosary located in 3 churches dedicated to St. Dominic in the Western Dominican Province. 

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Educated in the Footsteps of Saint Dominic

“DSPT provides me with a systematic background in philosophy and theology that complements my previous medical training. Catholic faith and education are truly integrated.  One professor will point out the theological implications of a particular philosophy, while another will discuss the historical philosophical underpinnings behind a theological idea.  We examine the philosophical assumptions that underlie modern culture and discuss deeper truth that extends beyond the materialism so prevalent in modern society.  The small class sizes foster a close-knit community.  Both lay and religious students with diverse backgrounds including law, journalism, engineering, and music provide diverse viewpoints.  Fascinating class discussions blossom with practical, real-world applications.  My education here is building a foundation for me to proclaim the truth of the love of Christ and to engage individuals at a personal level through bioethics and the moral choices we make every day.

  - Br. Luke Maria, Lee O.P., DSPT Student Brother

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audio clips of discussion

Audio Clips of discussion 


Lauralyn Solano
Sacramento Diocese

Fr. Anselm Ramelow, OP, Philosophy Department Chair, talks about miracles in this video from our Dumb Ox Speaks series

Sandra Tasca


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the really core questions

of human and Christian life, such as those concerned with basic moral principles (freedom, responsibility, intentionality, and the relation between who we are and what we do), as well as the fundamental principles of Christology: just who really is Jesus Christ in relation to God and to us.

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Perspectives from Economics and Business, Anthony Annett from DSPT on Vimeo.


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