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Mary Magdalen at the Sepulchre,

William Blake, c.1805

Interested in perennial questions of religion and theology? Christian Spirituality examines the Christian religious experience in the context of ancient, medieval, and contemporary understandings of spirituality, and by integrating biblical, historical, and theological studies. In partnership with the Center for Islamic Studies, Center for Jewish Studies and Institute of Buddhist Studies, a comparative dimension can be added, allowing one to consider Christian spirituality in conversation with non-Christian traditions.

DSPT faculty offer expertise in Islam, early and medieval Church history, biblical and literary studies.

The MA Theology with a concentration in Spirituality focuses on the Christian religious experience in the context of the broad contemporary understanding of spirituality and in conversation with religious spiritualities outside the Christian sphere. Students have the opportunity to complete course work relating to biblical and historical foundations as well as the contemporary understanding of Christian Spirituality.

Core Courses and Faculty

Frances D Sales: Sources & Spirit (SP-4571), Joseph Boenzi, SDB
Church On The Move (STSP-4725), Joseph Boenzi, SDB
Salesian Identity and Charism (SP-2130), Joseph Boenzi, SDB
Francis de Sales Sources & Spirituality (SP-4571), Joseph Boenzi, SDB
In Search of the Church (STSP-3035), Joseph Boenzi, SDB
Devoted to God and Neighbor (SP-4295), Joseph Boenzi, SDB
Spirituality of Francis de Sales (SP-2505), Joseph Boenzi, SDB    
Devout and Direct in Daily Life (SP-4337), Joseph Boenzi, SDB

Refer to the GTU Course Schedule and UC Berkeley Course Catalog for course descriptions and date, time and location information.

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