Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Spiritual Life

DSPT strives to be a community in the full sense of the term: we are a group of people engaged in a common effort to become the best versions of ourselves. Our faculty, staff, and students are working together in a lifelong quest for wisdom. Experience the rare opportunity to pursue an academic degree within an integrated life of study, prayer, social activities, and work.

In the Dominican tradition, all pursuits are grounded in a life of contemplation. Prayer guides the academic quest and underpins our efforts to create a supportive community. From daily Mass to spiritual direction, you will find plenty of opportunities for spiritual development both on and off campus.

Spiritual Direction

We are here to help all of our students, lay or religious, discern their vocation and gear their academics toward fulfilling the work that was intended for them. Students preparing for ministry work are expected, in keeping with their individual ecclesial traditions, to deepen their life of prayer, justice and charity so that their study and future ministry may be alive with the Spirit. Fr. Christopher Renz, OP, Academic Dean, can help you find a spiritual director.

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