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Current Course Syllabi & Information

As a service to students in helping to make choices in registration, draft versions of current course syllabi are posted on this page 1-2 weeks before the start of each semester. Faculty are free to - and often do - make changes to these syllabi before the first day of class. It is up to the student to ensure that you are using the most current version of the syllabus. Before purchasing any books for a course, ensure that you have the correct version of the syllabus. If you are unsure, please contact the professor. Refer to the GTU Course Schedule for course descriptions and meeting places for all courses. 

Spring 2019 Courses




BoenziChurch: Modern to Contemporary (HS-2195)(TH) 9:40am-12:30pm
BoenziFrancis de Sales: Sources and Spirit (SP-4571)(T/F) 9:40am-11:00am
DoddsTrinity (ST-2300)(TH) 12:40pm-3:30pm
DoddsPhilosophical Anthropology (PH-2040)(M) 12:40pm-3:30pm
FarinaRoman Catholic Sexual Ethics (CE-2030)(TH) 12:40pm-3:30pm
Farina Theories of Justice (PHCE-6005)(M) 6:10pm-9:30pm
Gable The Masters of Suspicion (PHST-4380)(F) 12:40pm-3:30pm
Gable Phenomenology Of The Other (PH-4445)(W) 9:40am-12:30pm
KrasevacContemporary Christology (ST-3115)(F) 9:40am-12:30pm
KrasevacFundamental Moral Theology(CE-2045)(M/Th) 8:10am-9:30am
KromholtzField Education Level I, Part 2 (FE-1022)n/a
KromholtzPastoral Ministry Internship Part 2 (FE-2022)n/a
KromholtzField Education Level III Part 2 (FE-3022)n/a
KromholtzCelebration of the Sacraments (LSFT-2404)n/a
KromholtzTheological Anthropology (ST-3128)(F) 12:40pm-3:30pm
LudwigPatristics (PHHS-4903) 
MartinThomas on Nicomachean Ethics (PHHS-4011)(T) 2:00pm-5:00pm
MelleinThomas On Substance (PHST-4500)(M) 12:40pm-3:30pm
ParetskyJohannine Corpus (NT-2277)(M/TH) 9:40am-11:00am
ParetskyThe Pauline Corpus (NT-2520)(M/TH) 8:10am-9:30am
RamelowHegel's History of Philosophy (PHHS-4394)(TH) 12:40pm-3:30pm
Ramelow History of Philosophy: Contemporary (PHHS-2001)(M) 9:40am-12:30pm
RenzLiturgical Anthropology: (LSRA-3500)(T) 12:40pm-3:30pm
ThompsonHistory of Philosophy: Medieval (PHHS-1051)(T/F) 9:40am-11:00am
ThompsonPatristic-Medieval Exegesis (HSBS-4050)(T) 12:40pm-3:30pm
Vega Metaphysics (PH-2050)(T) 8:10am-11:00am
VegaTheory Of Knowledge (PH-1065)(T) 11:10am-2:00pm


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