Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Vien Minh Nguyen, SDB

Vien Nguyen, SDB

Master of Divinity, May 2020

Congratulations, Bro. Vien. You have worked hard in your studies during these four years, but I have seen that you have done this with apostolic intensity. In a real sense, you have studied to be able to give more to the young people to whom you have been sent. My prayers for you as you approach ordination to the priesthood. May your work be fruitful and blessed. – Fr. Joe

Advisor: Fr. Joseph Boenzi, SDB, Professor of Theology and Director of the Institute of Salesian Studies 

What are your plans for after DSPT? 

I am waiting for my new assignment, which is to work at one of the Salesian locations in California. At the same time, I plan to finish my MA thesis next semester. 

What did you appreciate about studying at DSPT? 

Firstly, I appreciated the love, kindness, and knowledge of many professors and staff members at DSPT. They welcomed me and accepted me for who I am, helping me to do my best. Secondly, I appreciated the school for making it safe and challenging both intellectually and spiritually so that I could express myself and learn from others. Finally, I enjoyed the friendship of all the companions who helped me in many ways. 

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