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Lay and Religous students have come from all over the world to enroll in our Certificate of Theological Studies (CTS) program. CTS is a non-degree program designed for students who wish to engage in a systematic program of theological study in order enrich their understanding of the Catholic tradition, and to clarify their academic and/or vocational goals. Students use the Certificate program to clarify their educational objectives by investigating whether a DSPT degree program will meet their educational and vocational needs. Certificate students who subsequently decide to continue their studies and are accepted into a DSPT degree program may petition to have certificate coursework transferred into that program. The Certificate program is also ideally suited for those seeking a sabbatical through the Institute of Salesian Studies (ISS).

One way to focus your studies in the CTS program is by taking courses from one of our Areas of Concentration. The Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of four courses (12 units). 

How to complete your certificate

  • File the Statement of Intent to Complete CTS along with the CTS Program Checklist Due: Oct.1 (Fall completion), Feb. 1 (Spring completion)
  • File the Certificate Completion Checklist after gathering signatures from the various departments and paying the fee. Due: Nov 1 (Fall completion), April 1 (Spring Completion).
  • Graduating Student Questionnaire. Mandatory online survey for all DSPT graduates - approx. 20 minutes to complete. Due: Spring 

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Tips for CTS Applicants

Always consult the Student Handbook for DSPT program details. 
Stay on track by using the CTS Program Checklist and CTS Completion Checklist.
Statement of Intent to Complete CTS - file by the end of your final semester.
All foreign nationals must have an I-20 student visa in order to participate in this program.


Aaron Anderson
Director of Admissions

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