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The Concurrent Option - MA Philosophy & MA Theology

DSPT offers a highly distinctive study option, marking it out as a leading center of Catholic academia in North America: the Concurrent Master of Arts. Students embark on a three-year intellectual journey which results in two separate MA degrees upon graduation. Enrollment in this option provides an unparalleled, comprehensive training in both philosophy and theology and culminates in a 120-page graduate thesis. The Concurrent MA takes students through the entire historical series of philosophy, systematic theology and philosophy, historical theology, moral theology, ethics, Scripture, and non-Christian religions. As our most rigorous and rewarding study option, admission to the Concurrent MA is offered to the most qualified applicants.

... it is necessary to promote high-level academic centres in which philosophy can dialogue with other disciplines, in particular with theology, favouring new, suitable cultural syntheses to orient society's journey. - Pope Benedict XVI

A Cross-disciplinary Learning Environment

Students in the Concurrent MA focus their study and research on the dynamic cross-sections between philosophy and theology. Because many of our faculty are trained in both disciplines, the learning environment at DSPT is suffused with a cross-disciplinary approach. Ourfaculty, as well as GTU faculty, are well-equipped to support and advise on a wide variety of topics of interest to students. Concurrent MA students are excpetionally well positioned for sucess in doctoral studies.

The Concurrent MA Option is designed for students who:

  • desire a consistently Thomistic formation in the disciplines of theology and philosophy.
  • wish to broaden their professional skills for teaching by gaining expertise in two related academic fields.
  • wish to explore a complex topic with roots in both philosophy and theology with a view toward focused doctoral work.
  • are seeking ways to revive cross-disciplinary conversations in the Church, academia, and culture.


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