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Person, Soul and Consciousness Project

Dr. Vega has opened some of her Philosophy Seminars to the public

From Fall 2017 - Spring 2020, our Philosophy Department is pleased to offer a special focus on person, soul, and consciousness. New seminar courses, guest lectures and co-curricular student-events all centered around the theme will be offered. In DSPT's environment of collaborative learning, you will gain a deeper and broader understanding of the subjects while making valuable connections with leading philosophers in the field. The Person, Soul, and Consciousness Project kicked off with a colloquium on the topic, July 12-15, 2017.

Studying at DSPT, you will not only gain a historical and systematic foundation in philosophy, with the emphasis in Thomistic thought that we are known for, but also engage a community of scholars with common interests in these topics.

The Person, Soul and Consciousness Project Guidelines

Students participating in the Person, Soul and Consiousness Project will need to fulfill the standard requirements for the program in which they have enrolled – the MA Philosophy Thesis Option or Exam Option or the Concurrent MA Option. It is strongly recommended that students participate in the Project-specific seminars. If they choose to write their MA thesis on a topic relevant to the Project, they will be expected to make use of at least two of the following seminars, at the direction of their advisor:


Fall: Thomist Foundations: History and Metaphysics of the Concept of the Person 
Spring: Personal Identity as Individual and Relational Anselm Ramelow, OP


Fall: Person in Neuroscience: Consciousness and Free Will Marga Vega, PhD
Spring: Consciousness and the Other: Phenomenology and Postmodernism Justin Gable, OP 


Fall: Personhood and Consciousness as Ethical Problem – Justin Gable, OP 
Spring: Personhood, Religion and Human Rights Marianne Farina, CSC

Additional Resources

Topical elective courses will be offered between Fall 2017 and Spring 2020. You may also register for courses at UC Berkeley. Many of the core DSPT philosophy courses, from which you will choose to fulfill your MA program requirements, are relevant to the topic. For example:

  • Philosophy of Nature (PH-1056)
  • Philosophical Anthropology (PH-2040)
  • Theory of Knowledge/Epistemology (PH-1065)
  • Metaphysics (PH-2050)
  • History of Ancient Philosophy (PHHS-1050)
  • History of Medieval Philosophy (PHHS-1051)
  • History of Modern Philosophy (PHHS-2000)
  • History of Contemporary Philosophy (PH-2001)
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