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The Christian Martyrs' Last Prayer, Jean-Léon Gérôme,1883.

Historical studies provide a key tool for philosophical and theological inquiry alike. With this concentration, one focuses on the historical context and development of an idea or problem, in order to apply it to contemporary questions. Faculty expertise is available in ancient Greek and Roman culture and philosophy, medieval culture, modern and contemporary (particularly continental) philosophy, and art history.

The MA Theology with a concentration in History provides a means for developing an understanding of the Christian religion through critical historical investigation into the unity, diversity, and development of the Christian community from its origins to the present. In asking how Christians in other places and eras acted and believed, one acquires analytical skills to evaluate present day.

Core Courses and Faculty

History of Christianity (HS-1105), Augustine Thompson, OP
Church: Modern to Contemporary (HS-2195), Joseph Boenzi, SDB
The Seven Councils (HS-4525), Eugene Ludwig, OFM Cap
Patristics (PHHS-4903), Eugene Ludwig, OFM Cap
Plato (PHHS-4020), Eugene Ludwig, OFM Cap
History of Philosophy: Medieval (PHHS-1051), Augustine Thompson, OP
History of Christianity I (HS-1105), Augustine Thompson, OP
History of Christian Eschatology (HSST-2310), Augustine Thompson, OP
Art, Ritual, & Culture (RAHS-4179) Augustine Thompson, OP
Medieval Mystics Seminar (HSSP-4342/HSSP-5474), Augustine Thompson, OP

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