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Bryan Kromholtz, OP
Office Hours: Monday, 8-10 am, and by appointment
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STD/PhD, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
 - Dogmatic Theology

MA, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley
 - Systematic Theology

MDiv, BA, Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

BSEE, Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington

Bryan Kromholtz, OP

Professor of Theology and Academic Dean

Although I was recently made Academic Dean of DSPT (2019), I remain a professor of theology here. I teach and administer the theological field education courses, in which I help friars and other priesthood candidates to apply what they have learned to their active ministries – this keeps me in touch with the practical side of theology. However, most of my training and work has been in systematic theology.

I have a special interest in St. Thomas Aquinas and his eschatology, but I have other interests as well. So, over the years at DSPT, I have taught courses on eschatology, medieval eschatology, 20th & 21st century Roman Catholic theologies, angels & demons, aesthetics & theology, the nature & method of theology, theological anthropology, and sacramental theology. I am eager to help any students who are interested in any of these areas. To guide students in their questions, to introduce them to elements of the tradition and to current debates related to their interests, and to steer them toward resources that will put them in a position to contribute to a theological conversation through presentations and publications – these are things that excite me as a professor at DSPT.

Nevertheless, since becoming Academic Dean in 2019, my work has been mainly administrative: to manage the academic programs, to develop policies and procedures, to improve processes, etc. This may sound somewhat removed from our primary work at DSPT. Indeed, my goal as Dean is to ensure that all these structures do not become burdensome, but in fact are truly placed at the service of DSPT’s conversations, learning, teaching, and research, so that the framework of administration supports our students, our faculty, and our whole community of philosophy and theology scholars. Developing and maintaining policies and procedures according to high standards helps us remain faithful to our mission but also helps ensure others that we are doing what we claim to be doing: pursuing the truth as revealed in the Gospel and discovered by human reason, in the Dominican tradition as exemplified by St. Thomas Aquinas. 

I am a member of the Core Doctoral Faculty of the GTUAcademy of Catholic Theology, The Society for Catholic Liturgy, and Catholic Theological Society of America.

Current DSPT course information and syllabi
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Past courses taught by Bryan Kromholtz, OP:

Theology of Angels & Demons (STHS-4830)
Special Topics in Sacraments (ST-3069)
Celebration of the Sacraments (LSFT-2404)
Theology: Nature & Method (ST-1091)
Theology of Sacraments (ST-3067)
Theological Anthropology (ST-3128)
Nouvelle Theologie (STHS-4375)    
Eschatology (ST-4075)
Aesthetics & Theology (STRA-2080)


On the Last Day: The Time of the Resurrection of the Dead according to Thomas Aquinas. Studia Friburgensia 110. Fribourg, Switzerland: Academic Press Fribourg, 2010. [reviewed by Simon Francis Gaine in The Thomist 77.1 (2013): 168-71, and by Carlo Leget in Archa Verbi 9 (2012): 207-9.]


Reditus: The Eschatology of St. Thomas Aquinas and Eastern Patristic Sources,” in Thomas Aquinas and the Church Fathers, Jörgen Vijgen and Piotr Roszak, editors. Bibliothèque de l’Ecole des Hautes Études, Sciences Religieuses Series. Brepols [forthcoming].

“Eschatology in Thomas Aquinas,” in Illuminating Modernity: Thomas Aquinas and Hans Urs von Balthasar, Jacob W. Wood and Michael Altenburger, editors. Illuminating Modernity series. New York, NY: T&T Clark/Bloomsbury [forthcoming]. 

“The Spirit of the Letter: St. Thomas’s Interpretation of Scripture in his Reading of Job’s Eschatology,” in Reading Job with St. Thomas Aquinas, co-editors Matthew Levering, Piotr Roszak and Jörgen Vijgen. Thomistic Ressourcement Series 15. Washington, DC: The Catholic University of America Press, 2020, 364-383.  

“Taking Matters Personally: Papers from ‘Person, Soul, and Consciousness,’ the 2017 Dominican Colloquium in Berkeley.” Introduction to edition of fourteen papers from “Person, Soul, and Consciousness: Philosophical and Theological Perspectives,” July 2017, in the series Dominican Colloquia in Berkeley, for Nova et Vetera (English) 17.2 (2019): 339-342. 

(With Fr. Justin Gable, OP) “Direct Service between Athens and Jerusalem: On the Purpose and Organizing Principles of the Dominican Colloquia in Berkeley.” Introduction to edition of nineteen papers from “What Has Athens to Do with Jerusalem?” 16-20 July 2014, in the series Dominican Colloquia in BerkeleyNova et Vetera (English) 14.2 (2016): 403-407.  

“It Is Right to Mourn: Toward Funerals that Acknowledge Death as Loss and Lack.” Antiphon 20.1 (2016): 19-39.  

“La perfection de la nature : La pensée de Saint Thomas d’Aquin sur la Résurrection du corps, sa réception et son développement.” Revue Thomiste 116.1 (2016): 57-70. 

“Eschatology and the Doctrine of God in St. Thomas Aquinas.” Nova et Vetera (English) 12.4 (2014): 1215-1231.  

“La résurrection au dernier jour selon saint Thomas d’Aquin.” Revue Thomiste 109 (2009): 55-78.  

Research interests

  • the teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas on the resurrection of the dead
  • St. Thomas Aquinas’s eschatology and the role of beatitude in his anthropology
  • the implications of eschatological beliefs for pastoral practice
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