Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology


Jenni Allen, LMFT Jenni Allen, LMFT

Adjunct Professor

Joseph Boenzi, SDB Joseph Boenzi, SDB

Professor of Theology

Michael Dodds, OP Michael Dodds, OP

Professor of Philosophy & Theology

Marianne Farina, CSC Marianne Farina, CSC

Professor of Philosophy & Theology

Justin Gable, OP Justin Gable, OP

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Edward Krasevac, OP Edward Krasevac, OP

Professor of Theology, Theology Department Chair

Bryan Kromholtz, OP Bryan Kromholtz, OP

Associate Professor of Theology

Eugene Ludwig, OFM Cap Eugene Ludwig, OFM Cap

Professor of History & Patristic Theology

Hilary Martin, OP Hilary Martin, OP

Professor Emeritus of Philosophy & Theology

John Thomas Mellein, OP John Thomas Mellein, OP

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Albert Paretsky, OP Albert Paretsky, OP

Interim Professor of Biblical Studies

Anselm Ramelow, OP Anselm Ramelow, OP

Professor of Philosophy, Philosophy Department Chair

Christopher J. Renz, OP Christopher J. Renz, OP

Academic Dean, and Professor of Liturgical Studies and Science & Theology

Sergius Propst, OP Sergius Propst, OP

Adjunct Professor

Augustine Thompson, OP Augustine Thompson, OP

Professor of History

Margarita Vega, PhD Margarita Vega, PhD

Associate Professor of Philosophy

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