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Luis Aguilar-Villanueva

Luis Aguilar-Villanueva 

Professional Background: 

Luis Aguilar-Villanueva is the foremost expert on governance in the Spanish-speaking world. He founded and directed the Research Institute on Public Policy and Governance at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico, and has served as professor for the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the College of Mexico, the Autonomous Metropolitan University and, as guest Professor, at the College of the Northern Border.



B.A. in Philosophy from Pontifical Salesian University in Rome

Doctorate in Philosophy at the Gregorian University in Rome

Post-doctoral work at the Eberhard Karls University, Tübingen, Germany

Point Of Interest:

Throughout his work, Luis insists that economic or administrative efficiency, while necessary, is an insufficient measure of the efficacy of governments. Amidst widespread skepticism concerning the ability of governments to deal with the complex social challenges in contemporary societies he proposes that governance requires collaboration between the government and subsidiary entities within the state, including private enterprise, economic, civil and religious institutions. 

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