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Introducing our weekly series of short videos featuring Thomistic insights from our faculty.


Want to apply moral theology and philosophical ethics to your life's work?

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We study the questions that matter in the tradition of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

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Why integrate philosophy and theology?

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Pursuing the truth as a community and dialoguing with the culture are essential elements of our education.

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COVID 19 Information

For the safety of our students and administration all classes will be offered online this fall until further notice. All information regarding the pandemic crisis will be found here.

Student Bulletin

Students! This page is updated frequently with the latest information you need in this time of COVID-19 and as we approach fall semester.

Fall 2020 Courses

Check out the courses we are offering this Fall. These courses are available to degree and non-degree students.

God Made Manifest

How do we know and talk about God? What are the limits of our knowledge? What is the nature of religious experience? Read more about this focus in Philosophy.

Thomistic Insights by our Faculty

Enjoy this weekly video series and learn more about our faculty and their areas of interest. Subscribe to our youtube channel to get all of our videos.

Congratulations to our Graduates

A heartfelt tribute to our graduates who gracefully transitioned to online learning and missed their commencement ceremony.

The DSPT Thesis Experience

We asked a few of our students about the process of preparing for and writing their thesis.

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Meet our professors and learn about our classes, concentrations and programs to see what makes us unique. Do you have questions? Would you like to sit in on a class? Contact us to get more information or plan a visit.

Faculty spotlight

Margarita Vega, PhD

I hope students at DSPT get both a global view to provide context for philosophical problems and a microscopic lens to dissect particular topics. By the end of their program, I expect students to be knowledgeable about how the philosophical tradition relates to contemporary research and to feel competent to continue the philosophical discussion with a personal contribution.

Bryan Kromholtz, OP

I am a student, first and last, of St. Thomas Aquinas. Every time I have gone searching within the various nooks and crannies of his work, I have emerged with treasured insights that are worth bringing out into the light of day. What I most enjoy about what I do is helping students with their own projects – what excites them.

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Concurrent MA Degree Option

This highly distinctive study option covers the entire historical series of philosophy, systematic theology and philosophy, historical theology, moral theology, ethics, Scripture, and non-Christian religions.

Blackfriars Gallery and Library

Students have access to more than 5,000 volumes in our specialized religion and art library. The library was developed over nearly four decades, first by Blase Schauer, OP and later by the late Michael Morris, OP.

Our Learning Environment

Our Faculty value the necessary and fruitful partnership between philosophy and theology, creating a communal learning environment suffused with this interdisciplinary approach.

DSPT Faculty Areas of Interest

Is DSPT a good fit for you? Take a look at this complete listing of our faculty members and their areas of interest.