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Mary Cunningham Agee

Mary Cunningham Agee 

Professional Background:

Mary Cunningham Agee has worked as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, author, lecturer and philanthropist. She held executive positions at Chase Manhattan Bank, Salomon Brothers, the Bendix Corporation, and Joseph E. Seagram and Sons. In 1981 and 1982 she was voted one of the “25 Most Influential Women in America” by World Almanac.


B.A in Philosophy from Wellesley College

M.B.A in Finance and International Business from Harvard Business School



Point Of Interest:

Mary founded The Nurturing Network in 1985 for young women facing a crisis pregnancy in order to provide counseling, medical, financial and legal assistance, educational and employment opportunities and homes affording “an authentic and life-affirming choice” for young mothers. Today she oversees 50,000 volunteers throughout the United States and in 30 foreign countries and has assisted over 20,000 young mothers.

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