Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Salesian Studies


Saint John Bosco (1815 – 1888)

The MA (Theology) program with a concentration in Salesian Studies offers subjects of intensive study and inquiry into the character of Salesian spirituality, an appreciation of the Salesian educational heritage, and the life and times of the Founder, Don Bosco. This area of concentration originated as a result of the ongoing cooperation between DSPT and Institute of Salesian Studies (ISS), an affiliate of DSPT which offers a program of study and formative experiences in the tradition of the Salesian Family of St. John Bosco. Critical analysis of the intersections between theological topics and the Salesian charism in contemporary ministerial contexts is at the heart of this concentration.

NOTE: All DSPT graduates who studied at ISS and received a certificate of theological studies in the past seven years are eligible to apply to the MA program and transfer their credits.

Core Courses and Faculty

Francis de Sales: Sources & Spirit (SP-4571), Joseph Boenzi, SDB
Salesian Identity and Charism (SP-2130), Joseph Boenzi, SDB
Francis de Sales Sources & Spirituality (SP-4571), Joseph Boenzi, SDB
Devoted to God and Neighbor (SP-4295), Joseph Boenzi, SDB
Spirituality of Francis de Sales (SP-2505), Joseph Boenzi, SDB     
Devout and Direct in Daily Life (SP-4337), Joseph Boenzi, SDB
Don Bosco Founder (HS-2881), Arthur Lenti, SDB
Don Bosco Builder (HS-2882), Arthur Lenti, SDB
Christology: Jesus as Companion (STSP-2362), John Roche, SDB

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