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Thomistic Studies

“Saint Thomas is an authentic model for all who seek the truth. In his thinking, the demands of reason and the power of faith found the most elevated synthesis ever attained by human thought.” - John Paul II


Thomas Aquinas, Sandro Botticelli, 15th c.

The DSPT concentration in Thomistic Studies is both historical and systematic. We believe that an accurate study of the Thomistic tradition demands, first, a contextual reading of St. Thomas himself, and second, examination of the way in which the tradition has interpreted Aquinas’ thought. Guided by the words of St. Thomas himself, this concentration aims for a wisdom that pertains not only to what is eternal, but also to human actions. Its goal is to prepare scholars to engage contemporary issues primarily by drawing upon and applying St. Thomas’s method.

Following Aquinas, Thomistic Studies demonstrates the value of philosophy in itself, while also showing how the most fruitful synthesis is possible when philosophy and theology work hand in hand. As such, this area provides a solid basis for doctoral work at any institution. It is intended for students in the Concurrent MA Option.

The model for our study is St. Thomas Aquinas, for whom no contribution to the truth should be overlooked, but carefully, respectfully and systematically investigated. To continue his tradition, we want to employ his method of study:

  • Our students are regarded as our companions in a common work and we take their contributions seriously
  • We are a non-competitive environment; what is important is that our students develop their own insights and find their own place in the philosophical and theological conversation;
  • In our conversation at the School and in addressing ourselves to others we presume good will in such a way that we take the positions of others seriously and, in cases that they are not seriously proposed, then we receive them more seriously than they were intended;
  • We emulate the intellectual hospitality that was true of St. Thomas who was attentive to every argument so as to be able to respond to it thoroughly.

Core Courses and Faculty

Twentieth Century Thomism (PH-4011), Justin Gable, OP
Trinity (ST-2300), Michael Dodds, OP
God and Suffering (STPH-2209), Michael Dodds, OP
Issues in Divine Action (STPH-4885), Michael Dodds, OP
The One Creator God (ST-3095), Michael Dodds, OP
Historical Development of Christology (ST-2232), Ed Krasevac, OP
Passion of the Western Mind (PHST-2500), Ed Krasevac, OP
Theological Anthropology (ST-3128), Bryan Kromholtz, OP
Theology of Sacraments (ST-3067), Dennis Klein, OP
Special Topics in Sacraments (ST-3069), Dennis Klein, OP
Theology: Nature and Method (ST-1091), Dennis Klein, OP
20th and 21st Century Roman Catholic Theologies (STHS-4141), Bryan Kromholtz, OP
Thomas Aquinas on Substance (PHST-4500), John Mellein, OP
Aquinas on the Categories (PHST-4211), John Mellein, OP
Does God Exist? (PHST-4811), Anselm Ramelow, OP
Do We Have Free Will? (PHST-4810), Anselm Ramelow, OP
History of Philosophy: Medieval (PHHS-1051), Augustine Thompson, OP

Refer to the GTU Course Schedule and UC Berkeley Course Catalog for course descriptions and date, time and location information.

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