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Velma Richmond

Velma Richmond

Professional Background:

Velma Richmond accepted a teaching position at Holy Names College, Oakland, which remained her academic home for over 40 years. There she served as Professor, chair of the Department of English, Speech and Drama, Dean of Academic Affairs, Director of the M.A. program in English and, since 1997, professor of English, Emerita. Her eight books and dozens of articles and reviews have investigated themes ranging from Shakespeare to Muriel Spark, to Chaucer and Shakespeare as children's literature. She has offered papers in universities on four continents, and her Shakespeare, Catholicism and Romance was awarded the Conference on Christianity in Literature book award in the year 2000.



B.A in English Renaissance literature from Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge

M.A in English Renaissance literature from Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge

B.Litt. degree from Oxford University

Ph.D. in Renaissance and Medieval literature from the University of North Carolina

Point Of Interest:

Velma is able to startle us into attention as in her marvelous characterization of Lady Macbeth, “feminine sensibility gone wrong,” or in her suggestion that the same lady is, possibly, Shakespeare's portrayal of Elizabeth I, guilt ridden by her complicity in the death of her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots. She has illumined for us romance as a singularly Catholic art form and demonstrated its fixed place in western and English literature. Velma invites us to appreciate a sensibility to the world that is properly sacramental and Catholic, and that can serve as a key to identifying the influence of the Catholic faith in literature, in a manner that is all the more convincing for being scholarly rather than polemical.

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