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The Angelicum (Rome, Italy)

In cooperation with the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum), DSPT offers a semester of study in Rome for students in the DSPT Master of Arts (Theology) program and the concurrent MA study option. Some of the Dominican order's most renowned scholars have occupied teaching positions at the Angelicum. Founded in the 13th century and eventually raised to the rank of a Pontifical University in 1963 by Pope John XXIII, a vast array of theology courses are available to visiting students. Students are also immersed in the “Eternal City” where 2,000 years of Catholic tradition have shaped an entire culture. To qualify for this opportunity, students must have completed at least 24 semester units of coursework in the MA (Theology) program at the Berkeley campus. Because of the time involved in procuring necessary documentation, interested students should begin the application process one year before the anticipated time of study; no application will be considered less than six months prior to the start of the proposed semester abroad.

Blackfriars Hall, Oxford

Blackfriars Hall, Oxford University (Oxford, England)

In cooperation with Blackfriars Hall, DSPT offers a time of study at Oxford University for students in the concurrent MA study option. Given the nature of the program at Blackfriars Hall, students are expected to spend an entire year abroad – usually the second year – of their concurrent program. Students in other DSPT programs may inquire about the possibility of a semester of study by contacting the Academic Dean. Blackfriars Hall is part of the University of Oxford, the most ancient University in the English-speaking world, and it is run by the English Dominican friras who came to the medieval university city in 1221. Courses in theology, philosophy, classics, history are offered, as well as Latin, New Testament Greek and Hebrew. Oxford is famous for its tutorial system of teaching, in which students are taught by a leading academic either individually or with a few other students. Students also have access to the Bodleian Library, one of the world's largest and most distinguished libraries.

Dominican University College (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Students in any DSPT MA program may petition to study at Dominican University College (Ottawa) as an Official Visiting Student. Because preference will be given to those applying for the full academic year, this program is best suited for those in the concurrent MAPh/MATh [or GTU MA] option. Official Visiting Students will be responsible for paying all applicable tuition fees and other charges at the host institution where they are registered in a program of study.

Students enrolled in any of these study abroad options are considered enrolled at DSPT for the purpose of applying for financial assistance under Title IV. Students interested in study abroad should contact the DSPT Financial Aid Office for further details. While away, the following tuition payment protocols will be used:

  • The bursar at the college the student is attending will send an invoice for tuition (and room and board where applicable) to the Finance Office at DSPT who in turn will send it to the student for their review
  • The fees will be converted to US$ using the prevailing exchange rate on the date the fees are posted to the student’s tuition account
  • The balance of the tuition account must be paid by the student to DSPT before DSPT will wire the fees to the college the student is attending
  • As soon as the student pays their tuition account balance, DSPT will wire the fees to the college the student is attending using the prevailing exchange rate on the day the wire is processed.  Any difference between the exchange rate used when the tuition fees were posted and paid, will be charged or credited to the student’s tuition account.

Students interested in learning more about the study abroad program should contact the Academic Dean for further details.

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